Theme Parks

Disney World

Disney world is only 15-20 minutes from Linda’s Retreat. within minutes you can be soaring over the world, or riding on the back of a banshee, or experiencing start wars. For the best place to get ticket look at undercover tourist below.

universal studios

Universal is a mere 30 minutes away. The Harry Potter world is amazing and very unique. Universal is a park perfect for older kids. Their rides tend to have a higher height restriction. While they have kiddie rides and kid areas, it is more suited for taller kids, just make sure to check the height requirements so you know what you are getting into. You can also purchase tickets at undercover tourist below.


I’m not too familiar with seaworld so I can’t comment much on it. Linda is more of a Disney nut, so we haven’t had a chance to venture to seaworld so I don’t have much too much info

undercover tourist

We have found undercover tourist is the best place to buy disney/universal tickets. They are cheaper than the gate, and they are guaranteed. Be vary careful of someone selling you tickets for a really good price. Many people have been scammed and you will have no recourse if you show up at the gate with a bad ticket. Undercover tourist also has a crowd calendar for Sea World and all Disney/Universal parks that is quite accurate. You will want to refer to the crowd calendar and try to plan your trip accordingly to get the most out of your trip. We have found the park hopper passes at Disney world aren’t really necessary, nor are the park-to-park tickets at Universal unless you want to ride the hogwarts Express (which requires a park-to-park ticket), but we are typically traveling with young kids and it can take a while to move from park to park.

Tips and Tricks

We have found we are allowed to bring in frozen water bottles, sandwiches, and snacks. We will typically try to have a large breakfast and then snack until about 3 or so. We then will have a meal in the park. This will tide us over until we leave the park. If we are still hungry we will either eat something back at Linda’s Retreat or get something to eat on the way home.